Space engineering

Space is what really gets us fired up. We are passionate about the space industry and many year’s experience working in a number of different fields. This breadth allows us to tackle some fascinating R&D projects crossing software, hardware and other disciplines. Maybe it’s our academic background, but we believe that wide collaboration is not just exciting but essential for building better technologies and solutions. This has lead our staff to be involved in a number of international organisations in the space industry, promoting standards and interoperability.

Our experience, and interests, in the wider areas of space engineering (beyond software and hardware) include:

  • communications, to and from the spacecraft but especially onboard, between the various subsystems;
    more intelligent ways to build space systems quickly, including the application of ‘plug-and-play’ technologies to space;
  • model-based engineering, applied to largely to software, but also hardware and complete systems;
  • space environment simulation, including planet surface simulation and simulation of challenging operating conditions such as in-orbit rendezvous.