Software engineering is our core expertise and we have a wealth of experience developing software across a broad range of applications. We’re happy working on any part of any type of software project: we can easily help out with your ongoing developments, or take the lead and manage the whole engineering process from capturing your requirements to delivery and support.

Bright Ascension have experience engineering and project managing across the full life-cycle of software development and R&D studies. We are happy to help out with a single phase of your development, such as advising on requirements capture or design; the full project gives us something to really get our teeth into. Our broad experience means that we often have knowledge we can apply directly to a new project; our academic and research skills mean that we can learn a new domain or technology quickly and with ease. Where a project overlaps with work we have done previously, or one of the areas in which we carry out internal R&D, we may have off-the-shelf IP we can leverage to reduce your costs and time to project completion.

We are used to working to strict quality standards covering the complete development process (such as ECSS-E-ST-40/ECSS-Q-ST-80) as well as coding standards (such as MISRA-C). We can work in a wide variety of languages, from assembly language and C to Java and Python. Although many of our customers as us to use a waterfall-style development process (or V-model) we are increasingly employing more agile techniques, both for our internal developments and on behalf of customers.

Our main areas of expertise include:

  • Embedded systems
  • Real-time systems
  • Spacecraft onboard software
  • Spacecraft ground software
  • Low-level and system software, such as drivers
  • Communications protocols and stacks
  • Component-based and model-driven software engineering
  • Simulation
  • Visualisation, including 3D