Bright Start Academic Programme

Bright Start: your ticket to space.

We know that student projects operate on extremely tight and often non-existent budgets. To support future skill building within the academic community we offer two specially designed licensing plans for our flight and ground software products.

Classroom license: FREE of charge

Need an educational license for evaluation or learning purposes? Look no further! Our software package is entirely free of charge for classroom use. What’s more, it comes with all the same support and training offered to paying Academic Flight License users.


Flight license: £275/month* 

Ready to start your journey into space? Our Academic Flight License is a heavily discounted bundle of both our flight and ground software products, available as a 3 year plan. Coupled with shared training and community support, it gives you everything you need to blast your mission into space!


To be eligible for academic licensing, your primary intent must be to use the software as part of your research or teaching at an accredited degree-granting college or university. These licenses cannot be used for commercial gain or any direct revenue generating capacity. We will ask you to provide a Letter of Referral or a similar proof of intent.

support: build connections.

Simply having access to our software may not be enough and you may require training and access to further support. Whilst we are unable to offer individual helpdesk support to academic license users, we won’t leave you on your own and will provide multiple help options through our academic programme.

  • support forum: Member exclusive support community: connect with teams across the world for mutual help and support through our member forum
  • training sessions: We organise regular shared training with Q&A sessions, available to all members of the academic programme
  • student collaboration: We aim to inspire student collaboration and involvement across multiple teams across the world through shared activities, such as training and support forum
  • helpdesk support: We regularly monitor the forum for any issues that require helpdesk support and convert them into tickets

Download our Bright Start brochure for more info: Bright Start: Academic Programme

To get either our classroom or flight license, simply drop us on email on and we’ll get you sorted in no time.


*based on a 3 year plan