August 2018- Scottish space software company Bright Ascension Ltd have developed software to support a Linux-based computing platform (CP400.85 ) developed by Dutch technology company Hyperion Technologies BV. Hyperion primarily designs components for the small space craft market. The CP400.85 platform is a high compute power, low energy consumption, general purpose processing platform, which can be used either as an on-board computer, or as a payload data processor.

The CP400.85 is now supported by Bright Ascension’s Flight Software Development Kit (FSDK). The FSDK allows users to build flight software out of pre-existing and pre-validated components to create a flight software package which is tailored to the exact requirements of each unique mission.

Steven Engelen, CEO, from Hyperion commented “The Linux-based operating system allows users to run various algorithms as distinct, uploadable applications, enabling almost limitless possibilities. This combined with the fact that it is now compatible with the Bright Ascension FSDK really puts flexibility in the hands of our customers as it essentially means that our platform can be easily integrated whatever the mission requirements”.

Bright Ascension FSDK has been developed primarily for the cubesat and nano-satellite market. The FSDK allows users to design software which is fully customisable and compatible with any payload and satellite. This allows users to build a software package for their mission tailored exactly to their needs, requirements, and hardware. It also allows for agile development as the software can be reiterated as requirements change.

Hyperion Technologies was founded in 2013 with an eye on improving the capabilities of small satellite platforms through developing and providing state-of-the-art high performance components. Originally they started with the ST200, which was by far the world’s smallest star tracker at the time. They have since been releasing fully integrated attitude determination and control systems, high performance propulsion modules, and high performance data handling and computing platforms.