Our Services

We are engineers with a broad base of experience that we use to solve a diverse range of research and development problems. We usually work as consultants, either off- or on-site, integrating with your own practices and procedures where appropriate. We also do R&D work of our own. This gives us a range of ready-to-use tools in our toolbox, helping us to create you the right solution faster and more cost effectively than would otherwise be possible. Some of our own R&D has been developed to target specific areas, such as space flight software; other developments have been to try out new technologies, or just for fun. Our GenerationOne Flight Software Development Kit product (using UKube-1 heritage) stands alone quite well and so is available as a product, or we can use it as the basis for bespoke software.

Our main engineering areas are:

  • Software: this is where we do most of our work and have the largest body of experience. We can develop software for all types of system, from desktop applications, to 3D graphics, to mission-critical real time embedded systems. Our development practices can be adapted to suit the project. We are just as comfortable working with a strict waterfall process as we are collaborating in a more agile environment.
  • Hardware: we have complete sysytem hardware experience, ranging from PCB design and layout to the design of high-speed FPGAs. We can assist in the development of a physical product, including designing for test and manufacture, or┬ádevelop HDL IP cores or Systems on Chip. Coupled with our software expertise, we can also carry out co-engineering, trading off hardware and software factors for the optimal solution.
  • Space engineering: our experience in the space industry is much broader than software or electronics. Our staff have carried out research and development spanning such diverse areas as communications, space environment simulation and artificial intelligence.

Whatever the challenge, we are passionate about engineering smart and innovative solutions.