GenerationOne Mission Control Software

Bright Ascension’s Mission Control Software (MCS) expands upon the rich component-based technology of our GenerationOne platform to provide the most capable solution for the monitoring and control of any GenerationOne system. The MCS has evolved from our broad experience with spacecraft ground software and practical operations, demonstrated by the success of the UKube-1 mission.

Our MCS product is focussed on providing an advanced operational concept which allows operators to focus on mission goals and objectives rather than how they should be achieved. Using the model-based technology of GenerationOne to quickly and simply describe the spacecraft speeds up operations and permits rapid adaptation to operational and software changes.

For a summary of the GenerationOne MCS you can download our product datasheet.

more effective operations

Our Mission Control Software provides a flexible, integrated graphical environment for all aspects of mission operations. Dedicated views and layouts may be created, and saved, to suit different mission stages, roles or tasks by rearranging and docking windows. The model explorer unifies operations, tying together monitoring, control and automation.


The MCS provides a rich environment for parameter and event monitoring.

  • Interactive and predefined parameter monitoring
  • Clear displays such as single value, table and line graph
  • Live and historic multiple data source views including calibrations and limit checking
  • Combined graphical view showing parameter changes alongside commanding and other system events
  • Semantically-rich graph-based database for archive storage


The graphical environment of our MCS  integrates commanding with monitoring and other tasks permitting a clearer and more efficient view of operations. Scripting allows complex tasks to be achieved with ease.

  • Interactive and delayed commanding
  • Powerful command sequence scripting
  • File and bulk data transfer
  • Transfer progress and status reporting
  • Manual and automated transfer pause and resume


The rich scheduling and automation features of the GenerationOne MCS enable efficient unattended operations, ensuring reliable operation and maximising uptime.

  • Unattended operations including parameter, command and transfer handling
  • Automation schedule generation, inspection and control
  • Monitoring checks and alarms which can be used to drive MCS automation
  • Alarm and event handling for operator notification

ground station interfacing

Our Mission Control Software supports a wide range of ground station interfaces and protocols to fit both in-house and commercial ground stations. We are happy to adapt the MCS to fit with specific ground stations and to cater to scenarios where multiple ground stations are in use.


Our standard licence is per-seat but we may also support per-site, and per-mission licensing so talk to us if you have something specific you wish to explore.

Each licence includes a full year of support and maintenance including training to get you started, delivered either remotely or at one of our office sites. All additions and improvements we make to GenerationOne MCS will be made available to customers during this period. Extended support options, including additional training, are available.