Our Products

Our software products offer the most cost-effective way of getting high-quality, proven software for your CubeSat or nano-satellite mission. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all-approach: by choosing to base our onboard software on a library of components, we let you can tailor functionality easily and quickly to meet the needs of your mission. We know it’s impossible to know exactly what you need at the start. As you develop your mission, and your requirements change, our software will change with them.

  • Generation 1 is our industry-leading onboard software product. Far more than just a software library, Generation 1 is a complete framework with proven onboard software components, automation tools to speed up development and graphical test software to take you through the whole process as painlessly as possible.
  • Our Mission Control Software is being specifically designed to make monitoring and control of our Generation 1 onboard software as easy as possible. The tight integration with Generation 1 means that if it’s happening in space, you can see it on the ground;  whilst sophisticated scripting and automation facilities, make satellite operations reliable and stress-free.

Both our products are built on the heritage and experience gained from working on real missions, especially UKube-1. Our Generation 1 onboard software product has evolved from the UKube-1 onboard software, whilst our Mission Control Software is being developed using experience gained developing the UKube-1 ground segment.

We are constantly improving our products, so please contact us for the latest information. If we’re missing something crucial for your mission, let us know, we may be able to develop something custom to make sure you get the most out of our products.