About Us

We started Bright Ascension in 2011 to offer a fresh and innovative approach to engineering research and development in the space industry and other high technology areas. We have a unique mix of down-to-earth, hard-nosed, practical engineering experience and a rigorous approach sharpened through academic research. Our varied back-catalogue means that we are as comfortable with abstract theoretical concepts as we are with getting our hands dirty and producing effective products in difficult conditions. Knowing the theory allows us to take a step back and offer a clear perspective on your problems; being practical means that we never lose sight of the real-world constraints you are working with.

Sometimes our projects have given us experience, and real developments, that we think are unlike anything else available. By going through a process of turning project work into a real product, we can let you benefit from our work without having to go through the same (sometimes difficult!) experience as us. This is is what happened with our Generation 1 onboard software, which came from our work on UKube-1. By combining our off-the-shelf products with our services we believe we offer unique value-for-money: start with our product, and if you need something different we can adapt the existing solution to meet your requirements.

Being innovative is what drives us. We have a long-held passion for the space industry, although our staff have experience in many other industries too, something that helps us spot the right solution for a problem even where this might conflict with received wisdom.  We are a small, but growing, company; our success come from our belief in finding the right solution whilst striving for the highest quality. To find out more about the technology areas we specialise in, take a look at our services. If it sounds like we might be able to help you then please contact us.

If you like the sound of Bright Ascension and you’d like to join our team then please get in touch; we’re always looking for like-minded people to help us offer the best in software, hardware and space engineering.