About Us

Bright Ascension was founded in 2011 to offer a fresh and innovative approach to space software. Our team has a wealth of experience from both the space industry and other high-technology sectors allowing us to blend the most innovative ideas to create new approaches to software development and operation. Roots in the traditional and non-traditional space industry have given us a deep understanding of quality, and that reliability must be at the heart of even the most novel solutions.

Taking a fast-paced approach to engineering has allowed us to drive forward the state of the art in space software. We are heavily involved in R&D and standards development across the industry, including via space agencies and international bodies such as CCSDS. Through our complementary focus on products and services, we have demonstrated the benefits of our capabilities in a wide range of missions and activities, from nano-satellites to small satellites, and larger.

Sometimes our projects have given us experience, and real developments, that we think are unlike anything else available. By going through a process of turning project work into a real product, we can let you benefit from our work without having to go through the same (sometimes difficult!) experience as us. This is is what happened with our GenerationOne Flight Software Development Kit and Mission Control Software, which both came from our work on UKube-1. By combining our off-the-shelf products with our services we believe we offer unique value-for-money: start with our product, and if you need something different we can adapt the existing solution to meet your requirements.

Being innovative is what drives us. We have a long-held passion for the space industry, although our staff have experience in many other industries too, something that helps us spot the right solution for a problem even where this might conflict with received wisdom.  We are a small, but growing, company; our success come from our belief in finding the right solution whilst striving for the highest quality. To find out more about the technology areas we specialise in, take a look at our services. If it sounds like we might be able to help you then please contact us. Our company datasheet may help give you an overview of what we do.

If you like the sound of Bright Ascension and you’d like to join our team then please get in touch; we’re always looking for like-minded people to help us offer the best in software, hardware and space engineering.